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Awareness Itself

Being Aware of Awareness Itself Is the Key

by Paul F. Gorman

Paperback 5¼” x 8” 144 pgs.


Eight years ago, Mr. Gorman posted a short essay on the Miracle Self website titled Awareness Itself: Being Aware of Awareness Itself Is the Key. It has consistently been among the highest read pages on the site since that time.
Now, in this 144 pages book, we are given a magnificently expounded understanding and daily living practice that transforms our lives, helps awaken true identity, and makes the infinity of all things real and practical. It opens our awareness to the boundlessness of being and enables us to witness the freedom, harmony and peace of true self and world in practical, everyday experience.
Awareness Itself is the I (God) of being. It is the substance, form and activity of all that we are, inclusive of the universe we are aware of. Awareness Itself is the infinite and omnipresent all-of-all reality of being within and without.
Being consistently aware of and living as Awareness Itself is the key to witnessing the true oneness of health, love, abundance, peace and harmony of existence in “both” the inner and the outer. Most profoundly, it is the key to discovering and having the freedom to fulfill our true purpose of being — that of giving of our infinite inner and outer resources, and of serving and sharing with all.
Being aware of Awareness Itself Is the key.