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And It Was Told of a Certain Potter & Abd Allah, Teacher, Healer & Embers

by Walter Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 137 pp.


“We do not struggle with the darkness in a room to get it out; we merely bring in the light, and the darkness disappears of its own self.”
This combined volume of three titles is a work of Light. In the first two books, the author sets forth the spiritual principles of Truth through the teachings of a potter called Abd Allah, servant of God. Many come to him in search of an answer to their problem, and through his deep spiritual wisdom, each finds the light he seeks and goes away with joy and gratitude in his heart.
In the third book, Embers, a group of travelers gather round the fire at an inn on a cold night. With the north wind howling and the snow blowing, each shares his story, revealing the Light which dissolves the belief that darkness is something to be overcome.
“In the very place this finds you, even though you have fished all night and caught nothing, the abundance of God is there, and when you ‘let down your nets’ (let go of material thinking) you shall not only catch fishes a plenty, but shall become fishers of men.”
The teachings and writings of Walter Lanyon have brought light to many seekers, and the reader is sure to find new and deeper meanings of Truth within these pages.