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About Meditation and the Work of Joel Goldsmith

by Joel Goldsmith

Compiled from excerpts on meditation by Joel Goldsmith

Pamphlet – 4¼” x 5½” – 37 pp.


“Meditation is much like inviting God to enter us, or to speak to us, or to make Itself known to us. It is not an attempt to reach God, since God is Omnipresence … ‘Where God is, I am; where I am, God is, since we are one.’ So there is no need to reach for God. The purpose is to be still and let the awareness of God permeate us. The activity is always from God to us, not from us to God. We are not seeking to reach God. We start with the realization that where I am, God already is, and therefore we seek a state of stillness in which we may become consciously aware of that Presence … The Presence already is; the Presence always is. In sickness or in health, in lack or in abundance, in sin or in purity, the presence of God always already is. There is no seeking after it; there is no striving after it…We begin with that realization: God is; God is where I am; I and the Father are one. In that realization we relax and invite the Father to reveal Itself: ‘Speak, Lord, Thy servant heareth.’ That is really the main function of meditation.” —this pamphlet was Compiled from excerpts on meditation taken from books by Joel Goldsmith

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