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A Variety of Joel Goldsmith’s Writings

by Joel Goldsmith

Pamphlet – 4¼” x 5½” – 48 pp.


“We must be alert to realize that Spirit isn’t going to magnify our personal ego, but is more likely to kick us out of our present environment, or our false sense of what is our right place. We are not metaphysicians seeking to improve our human conditions, for what we are seeking is an awakening, and when that awakening comes, it usually has a mission for us. It can make a businessman or a housewife a practitioner or teacher … Certainly, we find ourselves in a position to overcome our discontent, unhappiness or our discords, but that only lasts until the Spirit is more fully upon us, and then we find that in the kingdom of Heaven there is no overcoming.” —This pamphlet was compiled from excerpts taken from books by Joel Goldsmith

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