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A Royal Diadem and Leaves of the Tree

by Walter C. Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 93 pp.



“Decide to begin the day with joy. See if you cannot get that full-to-overflowing feeling in your heart. Let it gush up in you, that great feeling, ‘I am one with God. I am one with the very source of joy. I can go about my work with the real song on my lips and in my heart. I will flood everywhere that I go with light and joy, like the sun floods the Earth.’ ”

The writings of Walter Lanyon are indeed filled with joy, a joy flowing from the inevitable confidence based on spiritual truth. Through poignant stories and clear explanation, the barriers are revealed that would seem to keep us from realizing our joy. Letting go of doubt, casting our bread upon the waters with absolute trust that it will return to us in abundance, the barriers dissolve, and we realize that joy, peace, and well-being are already present.

“Your cup is running over with joy—you are joy. Then go forth and give to the starving world. Fill all their vessels full of the blessed substance.”

The infinite and abiding truths presented here provide a sure foundation for spiritual growth and realization, lifting the seeker to a new level of confidence and joy.

 “There is no material law that can hold you back. The way is clear, and the open door is through this consciousness of realization.”

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