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A Light Set Upon a Hill

by Walter Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 184 pp.


In his foreword to this book, Walter Lanyon tells the reader that “the new dimension into which we are entering has no language of its own. There are no words sufficient to convey even a modicum of light on what is being said, hence the necessity of reading between the lines and sensing the idea.”

The light of Truth is evident throughout his writings, which are “filled with the fire of revelation and the desire to impart.” Each page overflows with the spirit of Truth, presented in his clear, simple style, as we are led to higher and deeper revelations of Life.

In this book, the author calls upon the reader to sense the Spirit behind the words and step into the new dimension of a New Day. This new dimension asks us to realize that we are here for the purpose of expressing the power of God, which is always seeking a point of expression. We cannot use this Power; we can only be this Power, by “going unto the Father.” When this is understood, the promises are fulfilled, as this Power spontaneously flows forth into manifestation.

“Arise and go forth into your New Day. Nothing you are going to do is important of itself—it is only another opportunity to glorify God … Awake thou that sleepest—we are taking off from a new level of consciousness.”