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2018 Contemplations Calendar

by Joel S. Goldsmith

Spiral-bound – 7 x 9 – 142 pp.



Acropolis Books is pleased to announce the new Weekly Engagement Calendar for 2018. This spiral bound calendar features inspirational quotations from Consciousness is What I Am (ISBN 9781889051833) by Joel Goldsmith. The profound quotations are complemented by exquisite photography that inspire personal reflection. Each page radiates the spiritual illumination that Goldsmith first introduced to the world in his classic book, The Infinite Way. It includes a complementary pamphlet of “The Issues of Life are in Consciousness” enclosed inside the back cover.”  

“The Contemplations calendar for 2018 is a spiral-bound, 52-week desk calendar that provides a thought-provoking quotation for each week from the book Consciousness Is What I Am by Joel S. Goldsmith. Compiled from Joel’s illumined classes on the subject of consciousness, Consciousness Is What I Am takes the reader on an engaging spiritual journey through the many aspects of consciousness to the realization that the real Man is not the physical body, but the Consciousness that governs it.

“Exquisite photography and artwork complement the quotations in the calendar, and space is provided for journaling and personal reflections.

“Acropolis Books has added a brand new feature to the 2018 edition of Contemplations. The calendar includes a complimentary bonus booklet of Chapter 9, “The Issues of Life Are in Consciousness,” from Consciousness Is What I Am. This pocket-sized booklet provides an extended sampling of the deep spiritual wisdom in that book.

“Contemplations 2018 makes a superb, thoughtful, and inspirational gift, either by itself or together with the book Consciousness Is What I Am.” 

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