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1963 Teaching The Infinite Way

by Joel Goldsmith

14 talks

Comb-bound – 8½” x 11” – 129 pp.


This book includes the great pearls of The Infinite Way and since Joel is an outstanding teacher, he presents them in a way that they may be easily grasped and understood. Within these talks are special instructions that Joel left for Infinite Way teachers throughout all time. In a sense this message is an enormous gift he has shared for everyone who is serious about teaching these principles. 

“Many people misunderstand the word “grace” and lose their whole life’s demonstration. They believe that grace is a favor that God does somebody, and it isn’t. God’s grace is incarnate in every individual, including the animals and the birds, awaiting our recognition. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways. Acknowledge that God has planted His dominion, His grace, His son in the midst of you, then close the eyes and go within and say, ‘Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.'”

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