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1963 Kaiulani Sunday Series Transcripts

by Joel S. Goldsmith

6 Talks

Comb-bound – 8 ½ x 11″ – 49 pp.


An important “Note to the Reader” has been added to each of the new comb-bound books, which will provide you with a far greater understanding for the special significance of what was actually set in motion by Joel’s heart attack in 1962 while teaching in South Africa.

Following one initiation after another, Joel realized that he had actually experienced his own “crucifixion/resurrection” and why this was necessary. He was shown the important benefit of his own tumultuous experience for his students. By understanding Joel’s own experience, students in the future could be more readily lifted up without having to suffer all that he had personally endured. He also was shown a very important insight concerning his work for the Cuban Crisis which will be a benefit for students as well.

The “Note to the Reader” provides crucial information to optimize your study of this most important classwork and will benefit the many students who are ready to rise to a higher state of mystical understanding than ever before. The same “Note” is included in each of the three new books.

The spiritual initiation that Joel experienced in South Africa in 1962 continued on during 1963 when he returned to Hawaii, lifting Joel into ever higher heights of mystical awareness. A new theme unfolds in this series that will come to a climax or a turning point according to each individual’s own dedication to study and preparation.

In the new dispensation following Joel’s transformative experience in South Africa it was given to him that the students are ready “now” to be taken into the higher realms of mystical awareness. Due to Joel’s initiation and elevation to higher mystical heights, there will “now” be more and more spiritual experiences taking place in the lives of Infinite Way students. Joel emphasizes the necessity of absolute secrecy about our new discoveries –– we must not even share them with family or friends. These must be held sacred and secret in our hearts. Joel realized in 1963 the deeper insights he had received through his initiations could someday be shared to benefit the students.

During this year new guidance has been given providing directions that it is now time once again to focus attention on these three Classes in 1963 and 1964 by making the comb-bound transcripts available to students.