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1963 Kailua Private Class Transcripts

by Joel S. Goldsmith

18 Talks

Comb-bound – 8 ½ x 11″ – 151 pp.


An important “Note to the Reader” has been added to each of the new comb-bound books, which will provide you with a far greater understanding for the special significance of what was actually set in motion by Joel’s heart attack in 1962 while teaching in South Africa.

Following one initiation after another, Joel realized that he had actually experienced his own “crucifixion/resurrection” and why this was necessary. He was shown the important benefit of his own tumultuous experience for his students. By understanding Joel’s own experience, students in the future could be more readily lifted up without having to suffer all that he had personally endured. He also was shown a very important insight concerning his work for the Cuban Crisis which will be a benefit for students as well.
The “Note to the Reader” provides crucial information to optimize your study of this most important classwork and will benefit the many students who are ready to rise to a higher state of mystical understanding than ever before. The same “Note” is included in each of the three new books.

Joel experienced a very serious heart attack in South Africa in 1962. He was shown only later that this was really an initiation that took him through a painful personal experience of crucifixion, death, and rebirth–– to live in the resurrection as LOVE. His heart was opened to allow a greater outflow of LOVE: “This subject of LOVE started with me in South Africa on this last trip, and every once in awhile I find it coming to the surface, so that I do know thereby that something or other is unfolding to deepen this experience of LOVE within me… Because I have always loved God, I have been as nice to people as I know how, but I never loved them. Now God has moved into my heart, and you cannot know how different all people seem to me. I simply have not seen one with a fault––Ignorance of life and truth, yes, but that is their only fault.”

After returning home to Hawaii Joel felt that something major was trying hard to break through. As he was patiently waiting for the ‘big flow’, 12 to 16 students would meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in Joel’s study at his home in Kailua for personal instruction on Healing, Teaching, and Living The Infinite Way. In these transcripts the reader will find Joel’s key instructions to some of his most advanced students.