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1957 Inner Working Group Transcripts

by Joel Goldsmith

Comb-bound – 5½” x 8½” – 175 pp.


The Inner Working Group’s talks are recognized as some of Joel’s most important talks. These talks were given to a small, very advanced private group who were prepared to receive them. They continue to be favorites of most students and ones that we never tire of hearing.

Think of God for just this moment, in somewhat the nature of the sun in the sky; and then realize the futility of praying to it for warmth or for light. The nature of the sun is warmth and light, and it is forever expressing itself as sunbeams constituted of warmth and light. So let us think of God as Life, forever expressing Itself in the form of individual life and then realizing the nature of God-Life to be eternality, immortality, perfection, infinity. It becomes clear that there is nothing to pray about or for or to.

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