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  • Marie Watts

    Marie Watts (24)

    Marie Watts was born in 1896. She had an illumination at the age of seven. As a very little girl Marie often stood in the yard at night with her hands reaching for the sky. She felt that God was the universe and if she could only touch a star she would find God.          READ MORE »
  • Allen White

    Allen White (2)

    In addition to being the author of God Is All and Sounds of The Trumpet, Allen White is the editor of Absolutely, which is an excellent blog site where he shares unfoldments that are spiritual treasures for all those who are on the Path. He has dedicated the site to the readers and as he has written, “… and foremost, to the one Truth: GOD IS ALL.”          READ MORE »
  • Octavia Williams

    Octavia Williams (1)

    A contemplative and writer for most of her life, Octavia Williams is the director of the which provides guidance and support for those on the pathless Path to God-Realization. Her more than 25 years of studying and practicing the principles of Western and Eastern mystical traditions led to a profound shift in Consciousness and “spontaneous” awakening in the summer of 2010 that continues to integrate and expand. Her work emphasizes that what we are seeking is not “out there” but within us, and that true transformation comes about only by identification with and direct experience of, the Living Light of Truth through revelation in Consciousness. READ MORE »
  • Vivian May Williams

    Vivian May Williams (3)

    Vivian May Williams was an independent lecturer from coast to coast and was a teacher and practitioner of Absolute Truth for many years. She was an editor of “Freedom Magazine”, which presented the message of Absolute Truth and contributed articles to "Psychology Magazine" and "Nautilus Magazine," which were an inspiration and guidance to thousands. Asked to indicate the sources of her wide and deep understanding, she credited the vast silences and wide reading of the world’s best teachers and a mastery of the new discoveries of science. This combined with the inner illumination of her own spirit contributed to make her message worthy of the most serious attention of all thoughtful and earnest souls.         READ MORE »