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  • William Samuel

    William Samuel (4)

    William Samuel, (September 2, 1924-May 22, 1996) was a prolific writer of truth, science, religion, and spiritual awakening. William Samuel was known as the "teacher's teacher" perhaps because so many teachers came to study with him. There was an inordinate number of philosophers, theologians, and members of the academe. In the later years there came physicists and mathematicians. It seemed to William that he would get the most earnest and dedicated students of Truth. Quite a number of Taoists and Buddhists had found William's message and came to study—even some who were called Masters. Many have gone on from his study to become authors, writers, and teachers.   READ MORE »
  • Lee Scantlin

    Lee Scantlin (4)

    After 18 years of progressive alcoholism, Lee finally reached a “bottom” and received enough Grace to get sober. Very soon after embarking on his new path, he was given a copy of "Living The Infinite Way" by Joel S. Goldsmith, and discovered a great thirst, which is not yet satisfied. Working with Joel’s writings, pursuing the thirst, led to him Ram Das’s writings, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) in Pune and Rajneeshpuram, several years with Robert Adams and back to Joel's students including Herb Fitch, Barbara Muhl, Meg Johnson and Doris Crawford. In 1994 Lee began playing Joel's tapes one night a week, for himself and 2 others, at his home in Hermosa Beach, CA., and a small group grew around this weekly gathering.    READ MORE »
  • Lorraine Sinkler

    Lorraine Sinkler (5)

    Lorraine Sinkler met Joel Goldsmith in 1949 before she had read any of his books, but knew at their first meeting that he would be her teacher. She later became the editor of most of his books and the Monthly Letters that were done until she stopped doing them in 1981. She worked with Joel closely both as a student of The Infinite Way and as editor of so much of his work. She also opened The Infinite Way Study Center in Chicago and ran that for many years, at the same time developing the ability for spiritual healing and being a practitioner for many. She also was giving classes far and wide. When Joel died in England in 1964, Lorraine completed his schedule of classes.                 READ MORE »
  • Bill Skiles

    Bill Skiles (2)

    At ten years old, Bill Skiles declared his desire to be a monk in order to, "learn about God." It was not a childish phase, but it was a circuitous route. Rather than becoming a monk, Bill experienced the relentless hammering and forging of life's fires and turned inward for answers. With determination and surrender, Bill Skiles accomplished his childhood declaration; Bill learned about God. Profound spiritual experiences and divine guidance gave Bill deep insight. His life has been transformed from the inside out. With his uncanny ability to share the process of that transformation, he brings it alive and makes it accessible to others through the written word. The author shares his discovery of a Divine Presence available to every one of us.       READ MORE »
  • John Stephenson

    John Stephenson (6)

    John Stephenson, born 1945 in Los Angeles, is a writer and an artist as well as a teacher of contemporary mysticism. A long-time student of the writings of Joel S. Goldsmith, John has spent the past 19 years teaching and giving seminars based on the universal spiritual principles Mr. Goldsmith brought to the world in the middle of the last century. As a teenager, John attended his first Goldsmith class in Hawaii in 1962. The following year he moved to the Islands to study more intensively with Mr. Goldsmith, while also attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He was privileged to be included in the inner circle group that met every Saturday and Sunday.        READ MORE »
  • Virginia Stephenson

    Virginia Stephenson (6)

    Virginia Stephenson was born in Los Angeles, California. There was a terrible world-wide flu epidemic in the year that she was born, and both Virginia and her mother become very ill. With his wife and infant daughter on the verge of death, her father called on a Christian Science practitioner for help. Both were healed, and from that time forth, and throughout the Depression and WWII, Virginia and her family relied on Christian Science. When she was eighteen she joined the Christian Science Church. In the early 1940s she married Arthur Stephenson, and their son John was born at the end of the war. She and Arthur were married more than fifty years until Arthur’s transition in 1996.        READ MORE »
  • Win and Bill Sweet

    Win and Bill Sweet (1)

    Years ago, as new parents, Win and Bill Sweet looked around at the common cultural concepts of "good parenting," and were not pleased with much of what they saw. They set about to find for a better way. Through the years they developed a unique parenting paradigm that works because parents feel empowered with principles and children feel honored and valued. These ingredients create an environment in which the family can live together joyfully.        READ MORE »