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  • Margaret Ponga

    Margaret Ponga (1)

    Margaret Ponga was born in Hastings, New Zealand and was introduced to the teachings of Joel Goldsmith as a young child where she had grounding in spiritual principles that led to her conscious commitment to a spiritual way of living. A significant change in her life in the early 1980’s was the catalyst for a period of more intense study and dedicated practice of the principles, which continues today. She gives the clear message that spiritual principles can, and should be applied to every aspect of life. As a music teacher, accounting clerk, and mother, she has had ample opportunity to test her understanding and to witness the fruitage. Growing into a teaching role and accepting invitations since 1990 to give classes based on Joel Goldsmith’s teachings, has been a part of the fruitage. READ MORE »
  • Bill Poteete

    Bill Poteete (5)

    Bill Poteete has been a long-time Infinite Way student and a dedicated practitioner for many years. Hundreds of individuals sought Bill's help for their various problems, and readers will recognize the quality of his work through the volumes of letters he wrote to students. This man demonstrated The Infinite Way principles as he lived his life.  READ MORE »
  • Joy Powell

    Joy Powell (14)

    Joy Powell, whose international career has spanned the business world, adult and children’s education, and the ministry, has taught spiritual principles for 45 years. She is known for offering practical application of principle and for clear, inspiring illustrations from her own life experience, educating and instructing children and adults alike. Joy’s loving dedication to living and teaching spiritual principles as given in the message of Joel Goldsmith, has educated and encouraged many on their spiritual journey. READ MORE »
  • Diadra Price

    Diadra Price (2)

    Reverend Diadra Price is the co-founder, along with her husband, John Price, of the Wings of Spirit Foundation. The organization is dedicated to bringing humanity into alignment with its Original Design in Oneness. She is an ordained Unity Minister and is a certified Oneness Blessing Trainer. She lives in Boone, NC with her husband. READ MORE »