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  • Joel Goldsmith

    Joel Goldsmith (126)

    Joel Goldsmith (1892-1964) was born in New York City. He was a teacher of practical mysticism, devoted most of his life to the discovery and teaching of spiritual principles which he founded and called The Infinite Way. He had been a very successful Christian Science practitioner until the mid 1940’s, when he left that and wrote his first book, The Infinite Way in 1947. After its publication Joel traveled throughout the world as a teacher and a healer, giving hundreds of classes. Although his message was neither organized nor advertised, students of The Infinite Way increased as people from around the world shared his spiritual wisdom. He is the author of approximately fifty books, most of which have been edited from the hundreds of recordings which were made during his classes.        READ MORE »
  • Paul F. Gorman

    Paul F. Gorman (20)

    The message and healing practice of The Miracle Self is impersonal and universal. The "faucet" of it, Paul F. Gorman, is able to hear the message and witness the miracles of healing and freedom of being for others only because, by a grain, he has managed to free himself of personal sense and live an impersonal life devoted to God alone. At age 18, Paul was drawn to his first "spiritual" teaching, a popular metaphysical book. That tiny spark of light began a twenty-year journey of gradual, and then painful, awakening, the last seven years of which were, pretty much, a journey through hell—an ever increasing dissatisfaction with the world and the human being, longer and harder periods of lack, and finally disease ravaged his experience.       READ MORE »
  • Nora Holm

    Nora Holm (1)

    We know very little about this author and fortunately she must have cared deeply for her teenaged daughter to compile this book of the most favorite of all Bible verses.      READ MORE »
  • Mary Hunt

    Mary Hunt (2)

    As a child, Mary Hunt traveled extensively with her theatrical parents, and it was during this period that her interest in the world’s spiritual paths became all-absorbing and wide-ranging. Her search led her from Christian Science and the metaphysical movements into Vedanta, Zen, the Christian Mystics, and Gurdjieff. In 1949 she discovered The Infinite Way writings of Joel Goldsmith and for sixteen years she conducted Goldsmith tape and study groups in Southern California. For over twenty-five years she gave classes and retreats based on her own unfoldment.      READ MORE »
  • H. B. Jeffery

    H. B. Jeffery (1)

    Harley B. Jeffery was born January 26, 1872 in Syracuse, NY and he received his early education in Syracuse. After High School, he worked in the field of architecture and then went into the construction business. About 1903, Jeffery started working with Charles Patterson who was lecturing on Metaphysics and doing healing work in NYC. When Patterson returned to England, Jeffery took over the work in NYC and expanded it to Philadelphia. ... READ MORE »
  • Margaret Johnson

    Margaret Johnson (6)

    Margaret Johnson was a student of Joel Goldsmith. Under his guidance she became a tape group leader in Boston MA in 1962. From that experience, her work evolved into practicing and teaching The Infinite Way Principles to students individually and collectively. In 1971 she received an inner instruction to move to Atlanta GA and establish a Study Center. The Center quickly developed into a full-scale activity for daily meditation, one-on-one instruction and twice-weekly classwork on The Infinite Way Principles. The fruitage of that work is witnessed in the dedication, commitment, and spiritual growth of the students. ... READ MORE »
  • Kelly Jones

    Kelly Jones (1)

    Kelly Jones attended the Baptist church as a child until, at the age of 26, he left the church to study Islam which lasted four years. During this quest for truth a tragic experience made him realize that orthodox religion was not the way for him. That experience brought forth the introduction of metaphysics by Emmett Fox’s "Sermon on the Mount." Through his writings he was led to a local Unity church in Cleveland. There he became an active member and within a year’s time he was elected to the church's board. Also within that year, he had read every book published by Unity, but felt his need to know God aright called for something more. ... READ MORE »