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Patricia Lea Ferrara

In 1969 Patricia Ferrara experienced a Presence unlike anything in her religious background and her dying baby was healed within hours. Since then she has been a student of spirituality and mysticism with many “signs following.” Only in the Infinite Way teaching of Joel S. Goldsmith did she find the explanation of her God experience and the healing that followed, and the revelation of how to develop spiritual awareness as a continuing experience.

By 1971 she had become a student of Lorraine Sinkler and later Luella Overeem, until she was inwardly led to Virginia Stephenson in the early 1980s: each teacher revealed as a different flower in the same garden of Oneness. She has been called upon as a practitioner since the mid-1970s and had Infinite Way tape groups in Minnesota, Florida and California. She also led weekend retreats in MN with Joel’s recordings, focusing on a specific principle. Formerly married to Tony Titshall, she was instrumental in helping to establish his work in the U.S.

Her book, The Catalyst for Grace, Awakening to a Higher Love, is an impersonal sharing of what she has been inwardly shown and outwardly witnessed of Grace functioning here and now. It combines real life examples with a universal approach to help people of any belief system realize a Higher Love and come under Grace. As she writes in the Introduction: “The best anyone can do is point the way while this Presence waits to be acknowledged and embraced within yourself.”

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