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  • Rafael Catala

    Rafael Catala (4)

    Rafael Catala was born in Las Tunas, Cuba in 1942 and moved to the United States in 1961. He received his Ph.D. from New York University in New York City. His books of poetry and literary criticism and his many essays have been published in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and Europe. He was a professor of Latin American Literature at several universities on the East Coast. For many years, Rafael studied with Laura Perkinpine, an Infinite Way practitioner and longtime student of Joel Goldsmith. Rafael’s adult life has been devoted to spiritual work and he has been a highly recognized practitioner and teacher of The Infinite Way. He has traveled extensively as he has shared hundreds of inspired talks with students around the world. The audios are available through Mystics of the World upon request. He has also shared talks in Spanish as well as English.          READ MORE »
  • Eirene A. Chara

    Eirene A. Chara (2)

    In 1965, at age 13, the author discovered a Christian Science Reading Room in Pawtucket, R.I. He knew what the word “science” meant but had no idea what Christian Science was. He went in and began his journey into the spiritual life. He went on to Religious Science taught by Ernest Holmes, and in 1972 received a certificate from the Institute of Religious Science in Los Angeles for his completion of the basic course in Science of Mind philosophy/spirituality. In the same year, he was guided to the writings of Joel S. Goldsmith and later took classes with Lorraine Sinkler, Walter Starcke, and Lorene McClintock. In 1975 his first writing, Forgiveness, the Higher Law of Being was produced and published.           READ MORE »
  • Marchette Chute

    Marchette Chute (1)

    Marchette Chute (1909-1994) was born in Minnesota and is best known for her biographical writings. She first wrote verses for children. She wrote the award-winning Geoffrey Chaucer of England, Shakespeare of London, and Ben Johnson of Westminster. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1930 and received three honorary doctorates, numerous awards for her biographies, and was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1975. She authored thirteen books.      READ MORE »
  • Glenn Clark

    Glenn Clark (1)

    Glenn Clark was highly influential in introducing New Thought ideas and techniques into the churches. A Presbyterian, reared in the church, teaching in a Presbyterian college, and also teaching a Sunday School class in his home church of St. Paul. He was deeply religious and something of a mystic, a great believer in prayer. He began to be much in demand as a speaker in churches and in summer camps. As one of the most widely published authors on the life of prayer in the 20th century and founder of the "Camps Farthest Out" movement, Glenn Clark left an unforgettable mark on the spiritual life of our day. He has influenced many people—the sick at heart, the discouraged, and those who were angry at the church. Through such books as The Soul's Sincere Desire, I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, and many others. Glenn Clark has enriched the lives of millions.           READ MORE »
  • Doris Crawford

    Doris Crawford (3)

    Doris Crawford was a highly respected and well-known Infinite Way teacher and practitioner for many years with a large devoted group of students around the world. She was an inspirational speaker who shared hundreds of outstanding talks in classes and retreats. She lived in California.    READ MORE »
  • Starr Daily

    Starr Daily (2)

    Starr Daily was a hardened criminal by the 1920’s and was still in his teens. He was in prison twice before he was twenty. He emulated the most dangerous criminals, and lived it himself, even becoming a murderer He was one of the greatest safecrackers alive – there was no safe he could not crack. But all that changed—In his words, “In one moment, I was a confirmed criminal; in the next I was healed. It was done that quickly…. I cannot explain the mystery of it. I only know that it was an inner experience of some sort, a huge and different experience.”     READ MORE »
  • Lillian DeWaters

    Lillian DeWaters (19)

    Lillian DeWaters was born in 1883 and lived in Stamford, Connecticut. She grew up with a Christian Science background and in her early teens began to study metaphysics and during that same period to seriously study the Bible. “It was from the Bible that I learned to turn from all else to God direct …. What stood out to me above all else was the fact presented, that when they turned to God they received Light and Revelation; they walked and talked with God; and they found peace and freedom.” READ MORE »
  • Peter Dziuban

    Peter Dziuban (1)

    Peter Francis Dziuban (pronounced Joobin) is an author and lecturer on spirituality and Consciousness. His first book, Consciousness Is All, has helped thousands of readers around the world find their true nature as the Infinite Self, leading to greater happiness and freedom. Peter's second book, Simply Notice – Book 1 is intended to be a series of books, designed to make the deeper points of Awareness clear and accessible to the general public.       READ MORE »
  • Patricia Lea Ferrara

    Patricia Lea Ferrara (1)

    In 1969 Patricia Ferrara experienced a Presence unlike anything in her religious background and her dying baby was healed within hours. Since then she has been a student of spirituality and mysticism with many “signs following.” Only in the Infinite Way teaching of Joel S. Goldsmith did she find the explanation of her God experience and the healing that followed, and the revelation of how to develop spiritual awareness as a continuing experience. By 1971 she had become a student of Lorraine Sinkler and later Luella Overeem, until she was inwardly led to Virginia Stephenson in the early 1980s: each teacher revealed as a different flower in the same garden of Oneness. She has been called upon as a practitioner since the mid-1970s and had Infinite Way tape groups in Minnesota, Florida and California. She also led weekend retreats in MN with Joel’s recordings, focusing on a specific principle. Formerly married to Tony Titshall, she was instrumental in helping to establish his work in the U.S. Her book, The Catalyst for Grace, Awakening to a Higher Love, is an impersonal sharing of what she has been inwardly shown and outwardly witnessed of Grace functioning here and now. It combines real life examples with a universal approach to help people of any belief system realize a Higher Love and come under Grace. As she writes in the Introduction: “The best anyone can do is point the way while this Presence waits to be acknowledged and embraced within yourself.”