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  • Alfred Aiken

    Alfred Aiken (20)

    Alfred Aiken (1897-1968) was born in Norwalk, Connecticut and attended Norwalk schools. He served in the Army Dental Corps in Louisiana during WWI. After the war he continued his education receiving the degrees of D.D.S.; B.S.; D.C. and continued on to get his M.D. His career varied from being superintendent of schools, dentistry, college professor, practice of drugless therapy, and for a time was a dental surgeon. He enjoyed the theatre as a writer, an actor, a director, and a producer.         READ MORE »
  • Kate Appel

    Kate Appel (1)

    Kate Appel, a healing arts practitioner for 15 years, is a seasoned body-work therapist and health educator. In Two Rivers she shares the next phase of her journey where her relationship with the Delaware River and with her own inner flow of energy converge to liberate a true and natural form of self-expression through painting. Thirteen years ago, Kate moved to Lambertville, NJ because she believed the Delaware River had something to teach her about a deeper listening to her life.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous (1)

    While the authors remain unknown, we can assume they did not want the message to be impacted by any personal sense. READ MORE »
  • Edyth Armstrong Hoyt

    Edyth Armstrong Hoyt (4)

    Edyth Armstrong Hoyt (1888-1965) was a well-known Bible lecturer who made her home in Kensington, CA. Some of her outstanding writing contributions were various series on the Bible such as: Studies in the Bible, Studies in the Apocalypse of John of Patmos, and Studies in the Psalms. She was fatally injured in an automobile accident in Palm Beach, FL, where she was lecturing on “The Bible as Literature.”      READ MORE »
  • Elsa Joy Bailey

    Elsa Joy Bailey (1)

    Elsa Joy Bailey began having mystical experiences at a very early age; in fact, she began receiving small poems when she was three. Not surprisingly, she did not grasp the inner truths within these poems until years later, when her mind had opened to Spirit. During her adult years, Elsa ’s love of writing led her into a career as an advertising copywriter. Yet all the while, she maintained an inexplicable interest in nonduality. Her curiosity led her into the works of Joel Goldsmith, A Course in Miracles, Rumi, Nisargadatta, Hafiz, Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, Brother Lawrence, Evelyn Underhill, Jean Klein, Krishnamurti – and many, many others. READ MORE »
  • Yvonne Banks-Martin

    Yvonne Banks-Martin (1)

    Yvonne Banks-Martin works in the field of healing and transformation in consciousness, leading to the fourth dimension and the perception of Is. Her aim is always to perceive within the other The Infinite. The work has come from a lifetime of meditation and prayer that led her beyond the world of opposites towards the creative principle, the original cause behind Life. READ MORE »
  • Joseph S. Benner

    Joseph S. Benner (2)

    Joseph Benner was born January 3, 1872 and passed away in 1941. He married in 1894 and had one daughter. He was a businessman much of his life. He received messages from an inner Source throughout his lifetime and when he was in his mid-forties, he gave himself over entirely to be taught by that inner Presence. In 1920 Benner’s teachings were studied by a group in Ohio called "The Sun Center." Their practice was to have a noon time silence each day. He also wrote lessons entitled “The Inner Life Courses.” READ MORE »
  • Don Blanding

    Don Blanding (1)

    Don Blanding (1894-1957) was born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. He graduated from high school in 1912, and then went on to the Art Institute of Chicago. After he saw the play, 'The Bird of Paradise,' in Kansas City, and its portrayal of Hawaii, he left for the Islands. In Honolulu he worked as a cartoonist for the Honolulu Advertiser, painted portraits, and produced an amateur play for the Junior League. He returned to the mainland as a private in an U.S. Army Infantry unit in 1917. He subsequently was sent to Camp Grant, Illinois, for officer training and was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant, but the Armistice was signed before he was scheduled for overseas duty. READ MORE »
  • J. Allen Boone

    J. Allen Boone (4)

    J. Allen Boone began his career as a journalist. He was also a pioneer in the movie industry. He was asked to take charge of Strongheart, the first movie star dog. Strongheart was a German Shepherd that had been trained to be a vicious police dog; he required a lot of retraining to become the star that he became. Allen Boone was a perfect fit for the job of retraining him, but he always said that he learned a silent, unspoken language and communication with Strongheart that enabled him to communicate with other species as well. Boone continued his work with human-animal communications and went on to write four books about Strongheart and his work. His books reveal a consciousness of the oneness amongst all living beings and the soul of the universe. READ MORE »
  • Eileen Bowden

    Eileen Bowden (2)

    Eileen Bowden met Joel Goldsmith, the revelator of The Infinite Way message in 1950, and studied with him until his transition in 1964. She was a practitioner and teacher of The Infinite Way message from 1962 until her passing. Mrs. Bowden wrote monthly letters to parents called “Teaching Children The Infinite Way.” These letters, which are the basis for her book Awakening Your Child to Truth, were based upon her personal experiences in raising three children by Infinite Way principles. For over thirty years she traveled, teaching The Infinite Way message to classes in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Her home was in Victoria, British Columbia.       READ MORE »
  • Barbara Bowker

    Barbara Bowker (1)

    Barbara Bowker is originally from New England and is the mother of three grown children. She is world traveled and is presently retired, living in Denver Colorado with her husband Daryl. She attended the University of New Hampshire and is a certified pastoral bereavement counselor, having worked over 15 years with the funeral industry. She has done group presentations throughout the country and worked with homeless women who had lost children. As a licensed practitioner in the Church of Religious Science she was lead to the works of Joel Goldsmith, where she has studied with Joy Powell, Ken Lazdowski, Paul Gorman, and others on the spiritual path of awakening to Truth.          READ MORE »
  • Brother Lawrence

    Brother Lawrence (1)

    Brother Lawrence (1611-1691) began life as Nicholas Herman, born to peasant parents in Lorraine, France. He joined the army as a young man, guaranteed of his meals and a small pay. He had a spiritual experience during this time when he had looked at a barren tree in the winter with no leaves or fruit and the awareness of the expanse of God’s grace came to him. A love for God was born in him in that instant. READ MORE »