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Virginia Stephenson

Virginia StephensonVirginia Stephenson was born in Los Angeles, California. There was a terrible world-wide flu epidemic in the year that she was born, and both Virginia and her mother become very ill. With his wife and infant daughter on the verge of death, her father called on a Christian Science practitioner for help. Both were healed, and from that time forth, and throughout the Depression and WWII, Virginia and her family relied on Christian Science. When she was eighteen she joined the Christian Science Church. In the early 1940s she married Arthur Stephenson, and their son John was born at the end of the war. She and Arthur were married more than fifty years until Arthur’s transition in 1996.

In 1953 Virginia found the work of Joel Goldsmith. After studying The Infinite Way writings privately for many years, a friend, in 1959, played one of Joel Goldsmith’s tape recorded lectures for her. When she heard the class she said, “I had the realization that I am Consciousness. When the tape was over I was weeping. Many onion skins of material concepts were removed from my awareness.” Virginia’s friend wrote to Joel, describing what had happened, and Joel wrote back saying he wanted to meet Virginia.

Virginia met Joel and Emma Goldsmith in February of 1960. During their meditation Virginia saw Joel not as a man but as a transparency for the presence of God. When the meditation ended, Joel told her that she was a “swami.” With that meeting Virginia began her association with Joel and the Infinite Way, and she left the Christian Science Church.

Virginia attended many of Joel’s lectures and closed classes, met with him privately and meditated with him at every opportunity. She volunteered at the growing Los Angeles Infinite Way Study Center and taught Bible lessons there. During this period Virginia’s healing practice grew as well.

During her forty years of teaching she went to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand as well as many cities in the United States. Virginia retired from active teaching in 2004. She lives in Hawaii where she receives serious students for private instruction and meditation.

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