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Ralph Waldo Cail

Ralph Waldo CailRalph Waldo Cail recently published a book, “Seeds of Light”, a mystical tale written under the pen name of Josh David Hamilton, III. Some literary composition in the story is intentionally presented to appeal to children as well as to the childlike spirit of adventure, wonder and discovery in all of us.

Josh Hamilton lll, is the primary character in the book portraying the present-day generation of the Hamilton family. He discovers the essays written by his great grandfather, a Geophysics Professor, in the early twentieth century, and now shares this amazing mystical event with us.

The essays give an account of a remarkable people whose Science apparently transcended the realm of technology … especially what the author’s great grandfather termed ‘The Seeds of Light’.

This discovery leads up to a global event that is a huge step forward in taking all of humanity into a realm of consciousness and existence that will eventually establish a permanent universal peace and freedom for all.

Ralph has been a student of the mystics of the world since his college days at East Carolina University. From early childhood on he has been fascinated with a mystical approach to Cosmology. Upon completing college he moved to Atlanta, Ga. where he still lives. After a few years of Christian Science, in his late twenties, he discovered “The Infinite Way … Joel Goldsmith”. This has been his primary mystical path ever since.

Ralph is now in the process of writing another book titled “The Jewel of the Cosmos … The Birth of Consciousness”

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