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Paul Gorman

The message and healing practice of The Miracle Self is impersonal and universal. The “faucet” of it, Paul F. Gorman, is able to hear the message and witness the miracles of healing and freedom of being for others only because, by a grain, he has managed to free himself of personal sense and live an impersonal life devoted to God alone.

At age 18, Paul was drawn to his first “spiritual” teaching, a popular metaphysical book. That tiny spark of light began a twenty-year journey of gradual, and then painful, awakening, the last seven years of which were, pretty much, a journey through hell—an ever increasing dissatisfaction with the world and the human being, longer and harder periods of lack, and finally disease ravaged his experience.

About 1980, he came across the book, Consciousness Unfolding by Joel S. Goldsmith. Fascinated but unable to grasp its profound truth, Paul read it, gleaned from it what he could, then put it on the bookshelf where it remained for the next eight years. Then one day, “something” pushed him to reach for it, dust it off, and read it again. Suddenly, truth began to open and become “real” for Paul.

That was the beginning of seven years of hell. As consciousness opened and rose, and material ties persisted, life became ever more of a struggle, ever more painful and impossible to deal with. “Fear ravaged me. I went to sleep each night shaking with fear, yet finally feeling a little relief from the world, then woke up each morning shaking with the fear of having to somehow survive another day.”

Life gradually blossomed as Paul quietly and “secretly” lived in truth among the world, along with the fruits of success. Then, years later, early in 2008, Paul woke up one Sunday morning with the urge to write down a message that was pushing to get through. The message didn’t stop.

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