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Octavia Williams

A contemplative and writer for most of her life, Octavia Williams is the director of the which provides guidance and support for those on the pathless Path to God-Realization. Her more than 25 years of studying and practicing the principles of Western and Eastern mystical traditions led to a profound shift in Consciousness and “spontaneous” awakening in the summer of 2010 that continues to integrate and expand.

Her work emphasizes that what we are seeking is not “out there” but within us, and that true transformation comes about only by identification with and direct experience of, the Living Light of Truth through revelation in Consciousness.

Having put the principles of Absolute Reality to work through the experience of many trials by fire, she has been the joyful witness to the revealing of Truth for herself and “others”. She shares her depth and clarity of insight and love of the purity of Consciousness to help those who are ready, move from being a student of Truth, to Knowing not only their true infinite nature, but the Master within.

She and her husband spend their time between Hawaii and Virginia.

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