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Margaret Johnson

Margaret JohnsonMargaret Johnson was a student of Joel Goldsmith. Under his guidance she became a tape group leader in Boston MA in 1962. From that experience, her work evolved into practicing and teaching The Infinite Way Principles to students individually and collectively.

In 1971 she received an inner instruction to move to Atlanta GA and establish a Study Center. The Center quickly developed into a full-scale activity for daily meditation, one-on-one instruction and twice-weekly classwork on The Infinite Way Principles.

The fruitage of that work is witnessed in the dedication, commitment, and spiritual growth of the students. For 32 years the Center flourished as a focus through which the Inner Light flowed to the community at large. As the spiritual awareness of the students developed, they were moved individually into many varied professions where The Infinite Way Principles were released into human consciousness on a daily basis. Even third world countries received this flow of spiritual nourishment.

These students were a united group, grounded in Oneness, whose goal was spiritual illumination. They continue to do service to God through service to mankind.

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