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Lee Scantlin

ScantlinAfter 18 years of progressive alcoholism, Lee finally reached a “bottom” and received enough Grace to get sober. Very soon after embarking on his new path, he was given a copy of “Living The Infinite Way” by Joel S. Goldsmith, and discovered a great thirst, which is not yet satisfied. Working with Joel’s writings, pursuing the thirst, led to him Ram Das’s writings, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) in Pune and Rajneeshpuram, several years with Robert Adams and back to Joel’s students including Herb Fitch, Barbara Muhl, Meg Johnson and Doris Crawford.

In 1994 Lee began playing Joel’s tapes one night a week, for himself and 2 others, at his home in Hermosa Beach, CA., and a small group grew around this weekly gathering. In talking to others he realized how much of what Joel was saying was not being understood (he had realized, while sitting with Ohso and Robert, how little he had understood), and he began an open class on The Principles of The Infinite Way. This led to further classes in the following months. In 1996 he was introduced to the work of Barbara Mary Muhl, and saw clearly how the community around him was dominated by the breaking out of what Barbara called “Kids” in her “Script, Kid and Fantasy Land®” work. He invited Dulcie Smith, one of Barbara’s students, to facilitate a Script and Kid Workshop at Leelaa, Lee’s home, and the gathering place for the spiritual community that was developing.

That work, and a variety of other classes and workshops, have continued at Leelaa since then, the primary focus always being on getting free.

There’s a lot more information, and some archival classes’ audios, at the Leelaa website

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