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Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones attended the Baptist church as a child until, at the age of 26, he left the church to study Islam which lasted four years. During this quest for truth a tragic experience made him realize that orthodox religion was not the way for him. That experience brought forth the introduction of metaphysics by Emmett Fox’s “Sermon on the Mount.” Through his writings he was led to a local Unity church in Cleveland. There he became an active member and within a year’s time he was elected to the church’s board. Also within that year, he had read every book published by Unity, but felt his need to know God aright called for something more.

He searched the public library where he found the writings of Joel S. Goldsmith and immediately knew that Joel spoke to his soul, and that he had found the pearl of great price. A few months later, in late 1983, divine grace provided him with the address of Mrs. Dorothy Gibbons who conducted Infinite Way tape group meetings. Needless to say, after his first tape meeting, he left Unity to study Joel and has never looked back.

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