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H. B. Jeffery

H. B. JefferyHarley B. Jeffery was born January 26, 1872 in Syracuse, NY and he received his early education in Syracuse. After High School, he worked in the field of architecture and then went into the construction business.

About 1903, Jeffery started working with Charles Patterson who was lecturing on Metaphysics and doing healing work in NYC. When Patterson returned to England, Jeffery took over the work in NYC and expanded it to Philadelphia.

Mr. Jeffery was quite active in the Unity School of Christianity where he taught courses based on Emma Curtis Hopkin’s work and he wrote several books. Myrtle Fillmore wrote in a letter to Emma Curtis Hopkins about Mr. Jeffery: “I have always spoken in the highest terms of Mr. H. B. Jeffery … He is one of the greatest healers in this country. (Emma Curtis Hopkins: Forgotten Founder of New Thought, by Gail M. Harley) He also worked with Judge Troward. Other books by H. B. Jeffrey include: The Spirit of Truth, Mystical Teachings, What See Ye?, Coordination of Spirit, Soul, and Body, and The Fruit of the Spirit. He died in January 19, 1954 in Santa Monica, CA.

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